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3 Antique Farmhouse Centerpiece Options For Your Dining Room

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Decorating your home may seem overwhelming due to the different styles of furniture and accessories that are on the market. However, you can make the decorating process easier by choosing a rustic style that will stand the test of time. The farmhouse style is a current trend that continues to grow in popularity, but you may not know how to incorporate this rustic look into your dining room’s centerpieces. From reclaimed wood and wildflowers to antiques and twigs, creating a rustic centerpiece for your dining room requires a bit of effort and creativity. Using this guide, you can create a centerpiece for your table that is inspired by an antique farmhouse. Crate of Mason Jars Creating a centerpiece made from a wood box and a few glass jars may not seem ideal for your dining room table, but these elements are perfectly suited to the farmhouse style. To get started, visit your local home improvement or craft store to purchase a rectangular-shaped wood crate and a few mason jars. Be sure you have enough mason jars to fill up the wood crate. Use wood stain or paint to add color to the wood crate. If staining, consider a wood tone that is a few shades lighter or darker than your dining room table. This will help the crate stand out in the center of the table. Next, you will need to decide if you want to use fresh or artificial flowers in your mason jars. If using fresh flowers, make sure to fill each mason jar with water before adding your flowers. Also, whether you are using fresh or artificial, make sure to cut the flower stems to a shorter length. Shorter stems allow you to arrange the flowers in the mason jar in a more appealing manner. Here are a few flowers and herbs to consider for your mason jars: Baby’s Breath White, Cream, Yellow, or Pink Roses Hydrangea White, Yellow, or Pink Tulips Lavender Rosemary Sprigs Daisies You can also work with a florist for other ideas and inspiration. Once you fill the mason jars and place them back into the wood crate, center the entire arrangement on your dining room table. Antique Pitcher One simple floral arrangement in the center of your table is also a great way to achieve the farmhouse style in your dining room. Shop at local flea markets, thrift stores, or antique shops to find an attractive pitcher that is made from galvanized metal, porcelain, glass, or ceramic. Line your dining room table with a burlap or linen runner and place the pitcher in the center. Fill with water before adding fresh wildflowers. For a unique look, consider adding a few stems of cotton or a bundle of twigs off a tree from your yard. Boxwood Centerpiece Artificial boxwood plants are popular options found in home décor stores, but you can enhance your farmhouse dining room even further by using preserved boxwoods as your table’s centerpiece. Preserved boxwoods are made from clippings of actual live boxwood plants. They are soaked in a solution of glycerin and dye, ensuring the boxwoods turn and stay a lush, attractive green. While surprising for many people to learn, preserved boxwoods will remain green throughout the entire year with very little maintenance. Be sure to keep the...

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4 Ways To Get Collateral Loans After A Divorce

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Getting a divorce is not only emotionally tolling, but it can make a big impact on your bank account. According to multiple resources, the average cost of a divorce can range anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000. When the divorce is finalized, you may find yourself strapped for cash or looking to make a fresh start. One way to help do this is with a collateral loan. A collateral loan uses some type of asset to help secure your funds. If you do not pay back the loan, then the lender can keep the asset and various interest rates are also charged depending on the loan amount and location you use. Using various items, you can get collateral loans for the value of these items and have cash available. If you’re looking for a true fresh start after your divorce, then there four different items that can help you let go of the past and get a loan for your efforts. Wedding Rings One of the first things that you may want to get rid of after a divorce is your wedding ring. This may also be one of the most valuable things to help give you the money you need to start fresh. Instead of going to a standard pawn shop for a collateral ring loan, consider taking the ring to a company that specializes in jewelry. By working with jewelry professionals, you can ensure that you receive full value for your ring. They will examine the quality, materials, and condition of the ring. Along with your wedding ring, you could also add other jewelry you received from your former spouse. Necklaces, earrings, and even pins could add valuable cash to your final loan amount. Wedding Gifts After getting married, you may have received a number of gifts and collectibles that you no longer want. Even if they are personalized, the material or design could be valuable. For example, you and your spouse may have received a crystal bowl for your home. The crystal material could help you get a collateral loan. Other types of wedding gifts to consider for a collateral loan include custom mugs or large mirrors. Before bringing any type of large or over-sized object to a jewelry store or pawn shop, it’s a good idea to call first and get estimates on values. Formal Dinner Sets Another common wedding gift is a fine china set. These sets are elegant, valuable, and worth a lot when you’re looking for a loan. The best way to get full value for your fine china is to have the whole set all together. The complete set can add a lot more value, especially if it is an antique set. If you want to keep the dishes as part of your fine china, then consider any silverware that you may have. Fine silverware is often made with solid silver. This can get you large loan amounts depending on current silver prices. The business that you bring silverware to will likely give you a loan amount based on silver alone rather than the pieces themselves. When the silver is melted down, it will likely be more valuable—unless it is an antique or collectible set that people are seeking. Electronics If you’re moving out of your home after a divorce, then there...

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5 Types Of Dollies To Rent To Make Your Move Easier

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Moving is one of the most stressful experiences of adult life. There’s enough to worry about regarding the financial and emotional aspects of making a move, so don’t let the hard labor of loading and unloading furniture and boxes stress you out even further. Find out which dollies to rent from a local supplier to handle the heavy lifting for you. Flat Furniture Dollies When you’re trying to move an oversized plasma television or a four-seater couch, lifting the furniture as little as possible is the only way to prevent back injuries and pulled muscles. Flat and square furniture dollies are ideal for the biggest pieces of furniture because you can balance each item over one, two, or even three basic dollies and roll it out of the home. The low profile and lack of handles allows you to push and guide the furniture loaded on top instead of trying to maintain your balance while tilting all that weight towards yourself. These flat dollies also work best for large crates, especially if you’re packing up delicate items with extra padding in a crate too large to comfortably fit on the usual hand truck. Upright Hand Trucks Almost every homeowner is familiar with the simple upright hand truck offered by truck rental and moving supply rental companies alike. A vertical back and small platform at the base allows you to stack boxes and keep them from sliding off by tilting the truck towards you as you roll it away. The ground-level platform also allows you to slide it under a grandfather clock or speaker tower. Leveraging heavy and tall items is a snap with an upright hand truck. While basic hand trucks may look sturdy enough to handle large appliances like refrigerators and stoves, don’t use them for it. Stick with hand trucks designed specifically for appliances or you could end up with a bent piece of rental equipment and a broken appliance. Appliance Haulers Appliance dollies look similar to hand trucks, but they’re designed to handle a lot more weight. You’ll also notice crucial differences like: Larger and better reinforced platforms to give appliances more support Built-in straps to keep your refrigerator or freezer from tipping off Oversized and curved handles to help you get more leverage for lifting and to prevent you from losing your grip Welded and solid metal construction instead of hollow pipes, bolts, or wood components. Stair Climbing Models Are you trying to move dozens of heavy pieces of furniture down a flight of stairs and then up another set of steps when getting to your new home or apartment? Ask your moving supply rental company if they can provide stair climbing dollies. These are vertical hand trucks with sets of triple wheels, which rotate to hold on to the individual steps and ease the weight down without a sharp drop. Aside from manual models equipped with basic rotating wheel sets, you can also find electric models that provide even more lifting assistance when you’re trying to get up a set of stairs. However, you may need to find a specialty rental company for this kind of advanced moving equipment. Piano Skid Boards Finally, don’t forget about specialty dollies like the piano skid board. Unlike the flat dollies used for furniture, these boards often don’t...

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10 Stocking Stuffers Perfect For Turkey Hunters

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Hunting turkey can provide a fun sport and also create a number of great meals. While the hunter stuffs his next catch for a big dinner, you can stuff their stocking with a number of accessories and supplies to help on the hunt. The following 10 stocking stuffers are perfect for the turkey hunter in your life. They feature a mix of hunting supplies, novelty gifts, and items to get through a long day of hunting. Turkey Chokes A turkey choke is a specially-designed tool to help cover more ground when shooting pellet bullets. New turkey chokes can provide more accuracy and work with a number of guns. The chokes are compact and easy to slip into all types of Christmas stockings. Turkey Calls Give the hunter in your life a new way to attract turkeys while hunting. Whether it’s the same call to replace a worn one or a new variety, turkey calls are the perfect small gift for hunters. Purchasing a new turkey call could become an annual holiday tradition in your home. Turkey Key Chain A fun novelty gift, a turkey key chain is great to pair with a gun safe key, a truck key, or any other keys used for hunting equipment. A variety of key chain styles are available, including images of turkeys or phrases like “Eat, Sleep, Turkey Hunt.” Key chains can also be purchased with emblems or printed logos of various hunting companies. Box of Bullets Supply a little extra ammo for hunting season with a small box of bullets. Bullet boxes are small enough to fit inside a lot of stockings and hunters are always in the need of extra supplies. Add a little extra to the gift, by wrapping the box of bullets before sticking it in the stocking. This can add an extra element of surprise. Turkey Leg USB Drive A small USB drive in the shape of a turkey leg can be used for a number of hunting purposes. The USB drive can store hunting maps, trail data, hunting statistics, hunting pictures, or surveillance camera footage taken from motion sensor game cameras. The unique shape of the flash drive is easy to keep track of and has a fun theme. Thump Kit Instead of just a turkey call, you can provide a hunter with a small thump kit. The kit is used to create the sounds of a turkey running or walking in the wild. It can be used to help attract other turkeys in the area and may become an invaluable tool for the hunter in your life. Turkey Straps When a hunter has a successful day, they are likely bringing more than one turkey home. The best way to keep them separated and organized is with turkey straps. These straps feature individual hangers where each turkey can connect to. The main pull of the strap allows a person to tow all the turkeys at once. Hunting Gloves Cleaning, plucking, and gutting a turkey is a messy job. Help make it a little easier by stuffing a stocking with some hunting gloves. Along with gloves to help bear cold weather, there are gloves made specifically for treating the turkey after it has been shot. Multi-packs of gloves are also available so the person can keep extra pairs...

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Finding Rare Coins In Florida: What You Need To Know About Finders-Keepers Laws

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Thousands of Americans collect rare coins, and a lot of collectors regularly search for treasure across Florida. Even when you’re armed with a metal detector and plenty of patience, opportunities to find rare coins are increasingly scarce, but the occasional haul encourages people to keep on looking. Nonetheless, you cannot assume that you can automatically keep what you find in Florida. Learn more here. Reporting lost property found on public land According to Florida law, if you find lost property on public land, you can, in principle, keep any items you find, but you must generally follow a lengthy and complex process before you can walk off with your booty. This process exists to make sure people do not cover up deliberate theft as the discovery of lost property. In theory, these rules apply when you discover ancient coins. First, if you find somebody else’s property on public land, you must report the discovery to the police. Failure to report the discovery of stolen or lost property could result in a criminal charge. If the item was worth less than $300, you could face a charge of petit theft. For more valuable items, you may need to consider a grand theft charge. What’s more, when you report your find, you must also give the police a reasonable sum to cover the cost of transportation and storage of the item, as required. You must also pay the cost of a public notice that asks for the rightful owner to come forward. If the rightful owner does not come forward in a reasonable period (normally ninety days), you can collect the item from the police and it becomes yours. The property remains yours even if the owner comes forward at a later date. Of course, the situation is often not as simple as this. Finding property on private land Florida property laws differentiate your rights according to where you find lost or hidden property, including ancient coins. If you find the coins on your own property, it’s highly likely that the authorities will allow you to keep your stash. In these cases, ownership of the property would nearly always entitle you to keep anything you find on your land, even if somebody else tried to make a claim for rightful ownership. For example, somebody could claim that the coins belonged to an ancestor who sold on the property to you. Even then, the law would state that the former owner of the property passed on ownership of the coins with the property deeds. However, if you find the coins on somebody else’s property, the authorities are less likely to let you keep your new discovery. In this scenario, the coins belong to the property owner, even if he or she didn’t know where the valuables were. Exceptions Private landowners in Florida can generally dig up their land to look for treasure as much as they like. However, even if you own the land privately, Florida state law does not allow you to dig up any area designated as a burial ground.  Even though a burial ground may yield some of the most exciting (and valuable) discoveries, the law protects these sacred areas. As such, if you ignore the law and dig in these areas, the authorities would confiscate any coins you discover....

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Metal Detecting For Coins? 3 Tips To Boost Your Game

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Are you a novice metal detector user? Are you interested in turning a profit by finding old coins and selling them for cash, but haven’t had much success as of yet? Metal detecting for coins can be profitable, but you have to know the tricks of the trade. Read on for 3 tips on how to get more out of your new sport. 1. Get The Right Metal Detector If your metal detector doesn’t have target identification, depth indication, and an adjustable discrimination feature, you’re wasting a lot of valuable time in which you could be scouting for old, rare coins. The discrimination feature will allow you tune your metal detector to only alert you of metals you select. For example, you can set the feature to ignore iron and aluminum. This would come in handy if you’re scouting an area that is riddled with old nails or soda pop tabs.  The target identification feature tells you what type of metal the detector has pinpointed. If you have your discrimination set to only alert you of silver, gold, and copper, target identification will tell you which of those metals the detector has located. Depth indication works with this feature, informing you of how far down a detected coin is located. With these two bits of information, you can maximize your time by being extremely selective about what you choose to dig up. For example, if you’re running short on time, you may choose to skip over a copper piece that is buried 6 inches below the ground’s surface for a silver piece that is only 4 inches deep in the dirt.  2. Focus On The Past Where are you using your metal detector? If you’re visiting current hot spots, your adventures aren’t going to be very lucrative. Places that are under heavy public traffic today will yield nothing more than modern coins that are worth their face value alone. The really valuable coins are the coins that have fallen out of circulation — the old coins that are now difficult for collectors to find. Instead of scouting busy beaches for pocket change, look for places that were frequented by people long ago. Browse old yearbooks for photo clues of where young people congregated, check newspaper archives for old public meeting spots, and talk with the senior citizens in your town about hang-out spots of long ago. Don’t forget about the woods, either. Firewood collecting is thought to date back to the Neanderthals; no matter where in the world a forest is, chances are good that there have been plenty of warmth-seeking individuals roaming around it looking for fuel and dropping a coin from their pocket every now and then while they were at it. 3. Don’t Do A One-Stop Sale When you find a rare old coin, you can just take it to the nearest pawn shop or coin dealer to turn it in for cash, right? Wrong. Well, you technically could do this, but you’ll get more out of the deal if you have the coin appraised and graded by a professional. Look for a coin appraisal company that guarantees their grades, and provides a certificate for each coin they evaluate. The largest rare coin market in the world is an online auction site, and you can’t list...

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4 Essential Tips For The Newbie Vaper

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Vaping has taken the world by storm. No longer the underground hobby it once was, vaporizing either nicotine or nicotine-free vape juice is now considered cool and modern. If you’ve been thinking about getting your feet wet in this wonderful new world, figuring out how to get started and what equipment to use can be confusing. These 4 essential tips help new vapers find their way through the plethora of devices and smoking styles available. Keep It Simple When you’re just starting out, you don’t need 100 different vials of vape fluid or seven different devices. If you haven’t vaped before, start with a simple device that purports to be easy to use and set up. It’s like a warmup–once you get used to it, and get a bit of practice under your belt, you can fine-tune your experience for better enjoyment. Although you may be tempted to sink a ton of money into specialty vaporizers or designer fluids, resist the temptation. Starter kits are terrific for learning the ropes due to their all-in-one nature. Try to choose a kit that includes a simple vaporizer, a few vials of juice, a charger, and at least one battery. Once you decide to stick with the hobby, you can choose fancier models with a greater number of options.  Decide Between Nicotine or No Nicotine Are you taking up vaping to help yourself quit smoking? If so, you should know that using vape juice with added nicotine can be an effective way to curb cravings while cutting out chemicals. It’s also fairly easy to moderate your ingestion, because nicotine liquids are rated by dose. Ideally, you want to choose the dose that’s closest to the way you currently smoke cigarettes or cigars. Nicotine packs come in the following dose ranges: 0 mg 3 mg 6 mg 12 mg 18 mg 24 mg 36 mg If you don’t want nicotine at all, choose 0mg. Doses of 6 mg to 12 mg work well for light daily smokers, while doses of 24 mg to 36 mg are best for very heavy smokers. As too much nicotine can make you dizzy and nauseous, choosing a fluid that’s an estimated step down is a safe way to moderate your consumption. If you aren’t sure where to start, try one of the lower dose ranges first. Starting at 12 mg gives you room to increase the dose down the road; you can just increase how often you use the vape as required. Always Grab an Extra Battery Without a battery, your vaporizer is little more than a dead device you can’t smoke. While modern models typically offer at least a couple of days of moderate use before the battery runs out, it’s easy to forget to charge your device if you’re caught up with life. The end result is that you end up without access to your unit when it’s needed most. If you’re quitting, this could place you in a dangerous position–cravings hit, and you suddenly don’t have access to your vaporizer to soothe them. It doesn’t take much to encourage a quitter to go back to cigarettes, so this should be thought of as a high-risk situation. When shopping for your unit, be sure to pick up an extra battery at the same time if...

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5 Effective Ways to Dress an Infant Boy Like an Adult Male

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During the first years of your baby’s life, you have a lot of freedom when planning costumes for various events like Halloween parties or fun occasions. Even though you do not want your child to grow up quickly, some of the funniest costumes can help transform your child into the look of an adult. There are five methods to effectively transforming your baby boy and each method will work for a variety of infant costumes that make your child appear like an adult. Layered Clothing Many babies dress simply, whether it’s a onesie or a pair of footie pajamas. One way to instantly create a older look for your infant is by purchasing a variety of layers. The layered look can add more maturity and help match similar adult outfits. As you’re browsing through costumes, look for ways to add layers. This includes undershirts, vests, small jackets, and various types of shirts with collars. Facial Wear Make your baby appear grown up with some facial wear. One of the simplest ways to do this is by applying a fake mustache or beard on the child’s face. Many babies will often try to pull the fake facial wear off, so as an alternative, you could apply face paint in the form of facial hair. Adding small details like a five o-clock shadow or little moles can instantly make a baby look like an adult. Washable and toxic-free face paint can also be used to add aged looks like wrinkles and aging spots. Use online tutorials to make various designs and apply realistic looks. Hairstyles & Wigs Enhance the look of facial wear and paint with a small headpiece. A lot of infants have little to no hair, one of the key components to an infant look. By purchasing infant wigs, you can find a number of styles that look like a grown male adult. Look for wigs that feature a business style design. This can add a look of age and maturity to your child. If your child has a lot of hair, then there are options you use can with the natural hairstyle. This includes parting the hair, using a little bit of gel, or slicking the hair back for a sleek look. Accessories As guys get older, they seem to add more accessories to the wardrobe. For your child, you can replace the pacifier with a number of different accessories. One of these accessories is a watch. Small rubber watches can go around the wrist of your infant. If you cannot find one that’s small enough, then you can print out a small fake watch design and tape it around the sleeve of the costume. Additional accessories include small bow ties and neckties. Clip-on ties can add a fun look and are available in a number of different designs. If you’re dressing your infant for Halloween, then you can choose tie designs that include pumpkins, bats, or witches. Visual Effect Props The final step in transforming the look of your infant is with small visual effect props. These props as sized to be proportionate with a baby, but feature items that adults commonly use. For example, a miniature suitcase can be placed with a baby to give the look of a business man. A small cellphone can also...

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