If your business is new, you may be on a tight budget when it comes to office furniture. Office machines and payroll may take a significant chunk of your finances, so you may not have a lot left over for high-quality furniture. A way around this problem is to buy used office furniture, allowing you to buy quality furniture at a lower cost.

Here are three more tips for buying used office furniture.

1. View The Furniture in Person

If you buy used office furniture online, you may only get to look at pictures. You could miss damage or cosmetic problems if you can't see the furniture in person. This may be a risk you're willing to take if the price is right, but if possible, look for locally used office furniture. If you do this, be sure to look over each piece carefully on the surface and bottom for signs of damage or stains.

The furniture should still be solid and not have loose screws or parts. You and your employees will use the furniture for hours each day, so you don't want to waste your money on furniture that won't last very long.

2. Know How Many Pieces are Essential

When you make your wish list, write down the essentials that your office can't do without. Then, list the things that would be nice to have if they fit in your budget. Furnishing your office with essentials ensures you and your staff can do your daily work without distraction or discomfort.

You might need to move a chair from desk to desk rather than buying two chairs, but you'll have all you need and can add more later once your business is established and has cash flow. You'll need tables, chairs, desks, and chairs for guests to start. The number depends on the number of employees and the functions they perform.

3. Take Measurements of Your Office Space

It's important to know the exact dimensions of the space you want to fill. You might find a deal on used office furniture, such as tables, and find it hard to pass them up, only to find they're a few inches too long for your purposes. Your employees need to move freely around desks and tables, so taking measurements is an important step in selecting the best furniture for your office.

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