If you're looking for a unique and useful promotional product to hand out at an upcoming company event, stress balls can be a good option. You'll find that a lot of promotional product companies have these balls available to order. With some relevant information about your organization printed on the surface of the ball, this simple device can be a worthwhile marketing tool. While there's nothing wrong with conventional-shaped stress balls, you'll often be able to choose from other shapes and designs. Here are some options that can make your product stand out.


Stress balls are often available in heart shapes, which can be a choice that may appeal to you and your business. It's ideal to choose this shape if it somehow applies to your organization. For example, if you run a medical clinic, choosing a heart shape can be an appropriate fit because it ties into the concept of heart health. Heart-shaped stress balls can also work well if your organization does something that relates to the idea of love. For example, if you're a marriage counselor, you might favor this product shape.


You'll also find brain-shaped stress balls at many promotional product companies. These objects are not only shaped like small brains but also have a realistic-looking bumpy surface like a brain. This type of promotional product can work well for several different companies. If you run a tutoring company for children, for example, you might like this shape because it ties into the idea of your organization helping children academically. Or, if you run a safety company that produces helmets and other safety gear, heart-shaped stress balls can be appropriate because your gear protects people from brain trauma.


Another prevalent design that you'll see is stress balls that are shaped like the planet Earth. This design is an obvious choice if you represent any type of environmental organization, but there are other companies that can benefit from this type of promotional product. If you run a travel agency, for example, giving Earth-shaped stress balls offers a reminder to your clients that there are plenty of places for them to visit around the planet. Get in touch with a supplier to learn more about what stress ball designs they have available and to discuss what information you wish to print on an order of balls. A company that provides promotional branded products can provide more information.