Many states have made marijuana (a.k.a., cannabis) legal now. As such, a whole new market has opened up, and people living in states where this drug has been legalized are enthusiastic about trying all kinds of cannabis items. If you know a cannabis enthusiast who is residing in a state where recreational marijuana is legal, here are a few noteworthy gifts you can buy him/her. 


This is a wildly popular way to consume marijuana, or more to the point, the hash oil derived from the marijuana plant that is used to make the edibles. There are counters full of edible products in dispensaries, and each new edible product provides consumers with a different taste experience and a different "high." You can purchase "magic" brownies, "moon" cakes, various flavored chocolate bars and individual serving chocolates, cookies, and even sweet or savory pies. If the cannabis enthusiast has a pet, you can buy edibles for the pet, too. 

Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Rolling a joint takes nimble and experienced fingers. Regardless of how long a person has been using marijuana, rolling a joint takes skill. He or she can still appreciate a gift of pre-rolled joints, which removes the complicated process of figuring out how much marijuana to put into the rolling paper, and how to effectively twist that paper around to seal it properly. It also makes an excellent party gift or a host/hostess gift when your friend is throwing a party and you do not want to bring wine or cake (traditional items brought as gifts for hosts/hostesses of a dinner party). 

The Bong

A lot of times, a bong is a very personal gift. Unless you know the recipient well, you may not select a bong that is attractive enough or apropos enough for the recipient. If you do know the recipient well, then you can probably select a very nice bong indeed. Be sure to buy a small amount of cannabis to use in the bong so that your gift recipient does not have to go buy any cannabis prior to using the bong. 

Custom Pipes

Custom glass marijuana pipes are very popular because no two pipes are alike. If you know that your recipient loves artistic glass and already uses pipes to smoke, then this is the ideal gift for him/her. You may have to visit several shops to find just the right custom pipe because there are so many unique ones for sale.