One of your first purchases after you buy a new smartphone should be to buy a case for it. As careful as you might be, there's a good chance that you'll drop the phone at some point — and having a case will go a long way toward protecting it when it makes contact with the ground. A case is also valuable for protecting the body of the phone against scratches that can occur in regular, daily use, and is a small price to pay for helping the longevity of this pricey device. There's a seemingly infinite list of smartphone case designs available on the market, so you'll likely be able to find a design that suits you. Some people use avocado-themed cases; here are some reasons that this might be a good choice for you.

A Reminder To Eat Healthy

People often eat avocados as a way to be healthier, given the number of healthy fats that this food provides. If you're someone who wants to eat healthy — but perhaps doesn't always make the best dietary decisions — an avocado smartphone case can remind you of the importance of eating well. For example, if you're at the supermarket and are tempted to buy some potato chips as a snack, you might look down at your phone, see the avocados on the case, and opt to buy some avocados as a snack instead.

A Conversation Starter

An avocado smartphone case can be a good conversation starter, making it a worthwhile choice for someone who either struggles to get conversations going or someone who perhaps wants other health-conscious individuals to comment on the phone case. A lot of people use smartphone cases that are fairly plain, so there's a good chance that your avocado case will stand out when you set it down on the table at a restaurant or on the boardroom table at work, perhaps leading to some interactions with those around you.

In Support Of Your Vegetarian Lifestyle

There are plenty of vegetarians who are quick to inform others about their lifestyle, but this isn't the case for everyone who opts to stay away from meat. You may feel as though your dietary choices are your business, not the business of others. Instead of telling people that you're a vegetarian, you might decide to do something subtle, such as choose an avocado case for your smartphone. When you look at your phone, you'll be pleased with how you're choosing to consume only vegetables for whatever reason suits you.

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