Is your sweetheart having a birthday in the near future? If so, you are more than likely considering which gift she would love to receive from you. In addition, maybe you are also planning a special event to commemorate your girlfriend's special day. From buying a trucker hat online to arranging a memorable event, here are some ideas that might help you.

Buy A Trucker Hat Online - If you want to go with a really fun gift for your girlfriend, think about ordering something like a Tanned and Tipsy women's trucker hat. Order it online, and it should arrive in plenty of time for you to give it to your girl on her special day. The great part about women's trucker hats is that they are affordable and come in lots of colors. For example, your girl might love the traditional denim and khaki style of trucker hat. On the other hand, she might prefer a brighter color, maybe bright pink or turquoise.

How serious are you about this girl? Is it time to give her a serious gift, maybe even a promise ring or even an engagement ring? If so, think about tucking the ring inside the trucker hat and asking her to try the hat on for you. Imagine the surprise she'll receive when she gets both the Tanned and Tipsy hat and a piece of jewelry that has a deep meaning behind it.

​Plan A Memorable Birthday Event - If you're not quite ready to give your girlfriend an expensive piece of jewelry that brings a commitment with it, think of other things you could place inside the trucker hat.

For instance, maybe you could put tickets in the hat for both of you to go to a concert that is coming to your area.  Another idea is to put a gift card to your girlfriend's favorite store, maybe a boutique or a department store. 

If you're on a tight budget and all you can afford is the women's trucker hat, don't fret. She'll probably love it and will wear it every chance she gets. No matter what you put inside the hat, don't forget to write her a personal note that tells her how special she is and how much you care for her. And, don't forget to gift wrap the hat, even if it's just putting it in a pretty bag with tissue to hide it.