If you are a teacher, you are probably always on the lookout for products that will help you to motivate your students to do their best. Some students will be reward motivated, meaning they will do their best if they feel there is a chance of them winning a reward for doing excellent. You can use custom medals to run academic challenges. Also, customizable medals can be used in many other ways to keep your students on track and to teach them the importance of being a humble winner and not being a sore loser. These are two things children should be taught young. Unfortunately, these things aren't always focused on at home, so you can make up for that. Here are some examples of how you can use custom medals in your class to see better results and to get the students in the habit of always doing their best.

Improved report cards

Not all students are even capable of achieving As. Therefore, holding a contest that offers a prize for As isn't fair and will consistently make children who legitimately did their best and still couldn't get As feel bad about themselves. This is why it is better to give out medals to students who improve upon their last report card. This way, they will only need to beat their previous grades in order to be a winner.

Better physical education grades

It can be hard to get some students to get off the bench to participate in PE sports and exercises. However, if you let them know there are medals up for grabs for things like the most valuable player, the winner, the most improved player, good sportsmanship, or whatever you can come up, that may improve your student's motivation.

Better attendance

If you have some students who you are fairly certain stay home when they aren't really sick, then you can award medals to the students who only miss a certain amount of days each semester. You may find that some of your students who used to miss a lot of school are suddenly making it to school much more.

Good attitudes

Giving out medals to students who have good attitudes can cut down on students complaining about the work assignments you give them. Also, you may find that the kids start getting along better.

No bullying

Bullying is something that's a serious problem in schools. You can come up with a program that gets bullies to stop their behavior and that gets some kids to even defend a student who is getting bullied and use medals a reward for kind students in your class.