One of the hardest places to scrub is the bathroom tub. Due to the use of soaps and other body products, tubs can get dirty and slippery often, which means that they need to be cleaned often. If you are running into the issue of your tub being dirty because it is backing up, you will need to get the proper products to keep the bathroom drain clear. If you are going shopping for plumbing products, here are three products you need for sure. 

A hair drain snake

One of the biggest problems with bathroom drains is the amount of hair that goes down the drain. Since you are likely to wash your hair in the tub, hair that falls down the drain leads to clogging. If you have dense hair or long hair, this can especially clog the drain quickly. Find a thick drain snake that has a lot of spores that stick out on the side. This will help you stick the snake down the drain and pull up any hair. The drain snake should be thick and bendable so that you can use it for many years successfully. 

A hair catcher

Dealing with a drain stopper can be a catch 22 situation. On one hand, you want to make sure that the drain is open enough so that water and any scrubbing products go down the drain successfully. On the other hand, you want to stop as much hair from going down the drain as possible. Find a good bathroom drain strainer that works for your particular tub. You may want a stainless steel drain for a bigger tub, or you may want silicone strainer that you can easily use your fingers to lift up the strainer to clear it after a bath. 

Proper drain cleaning chemicals

Even if you stop hair from running down the drain most of the time, it is still a good idea to clean out the drain when possible. Since body scrubs and heavy soaps can cause grime and buildup in the pipes, these should be cleaned with a good chemical cleaner. Get a good chemical cleaner for your tub and drains from a plumbing supply store. Be sure to check the material of your tub drains before you select a chemical so that you choose a cleanser that works with, instead of eats away, the material makeup. Pour drain cleaner down the drain every time you see your tub draining slowly or making noise in order to keep it clear and clean. 

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