Extension cords can come in really handy when you need to operate an electronic appliance nowhere near a plug. However, these cords do carry electricity, so there are a few safety tips you need to keep in mind when using them.

1. Only use outdoor-rated cords outside

If you are using an extension cord outside, check the cord first to make sure it is rated and approved for outdoor use. A cord designed for only indoor use may short out and cause shocks if exposed to the elements outside. It's okay to use an outdoor cord inside -- but not vice versa.

2. Plug the cord all of the way in

Most extension cords have a third grounding plug, which can make them a little harder to plug in than the average plug. However, it's important for you to push on the plug and make sure it is fully inserted into the wall. Otherwise, if someone comes along and touches the exposed metal prongs, they could get shocked.

3. Put the cord against the wall

This tip is especially important if you are using an extension cord in a busy area. You would not want someone to trip over it, so push the cord up against the wall, rather than running it straight across the floor. You may also want to trap the cord between some furniture and the wall for even greater safety.

4. Never drive over an extension cord

When using a cord outside, you may have to run it across a driveway. If you do this, make sure you never drive over the cord; doing so many damage the wires, leading to shocks and fire hazards when you use the cord in the future. Never run a cord across a busy driveway or parking lot unless you have a way to keep others from driving over it.

5. Don't pull the cord out from a distance

Always grasp the plug close to the outlet, and pull it out gently. You do not want to grab the cord a foot from the wall and rip it out of the socket; this can cause electricity to arc and shock someone.

6. Do not piggyback cords

If the cord you have is not long enough, get a longer one. Do not piece cord after cord together; this increases the chances of a short happening somewhere.

Reach out to a cord manufacturer like Americord extension cords for more safety tips.