Steel toe boots are important for safety in many different kinds of jobs. They could save your feet from a very serious injury, but if the shoes aren't comfortable, then they can make your feet hurt after a long day. The shoes are not only heavy, they also have very little flexibility. Here are some tips for being comfortable with your steel toe boots

Buy A Slightly Larger Size Than Usual

Your toes need plenty of room in steel toe boots. The toes are rigid so no matter how much you wear them, the boots won't break in like other shoes. The leather stays stiff and the toes won't expand. Your toes shouldn't touch the ends of the shoes. You may want to buy a half size or a whole size bigger when you shop for steel toe boots. At the very least, you want to try the shoes on and make sure they are an excellent fit because the shoe won't change much with wear. If you buy shoes that are too short or too tight, your feet could be miserable in them.

Add Insoles For Cushioning And Support

Another thing to consider is using shoe inserts or insoles. If you have a known foot problem, you may want a podiatrist to recommend the right inserts for your boots. Since the boots are heavy and stiff, they might make a current foot condition worse unless you have the additional padding and support you need. You can buy inserts made of gel or foam that make it more comfortable for you to be on your feet all day on concrete or other hard surface.

Wear Socks Made For Steel Toe Boots

Wear socks made for steel toe boots for added comfort. These have padding in the toes and heels that protect against rubbing. The socks are long enough to provide protection at the top of the boot too. Work socks are made of material that keeps your feet warm in cold working conditions and it wicks moisture away if your feet are sweaty. The right socks are very important for staying comfortable when you wear steel toe boots all day.

There are many brands of steel toe boots and they are made in different styles, such as at Industrial Shoe Company. The boot you select will be determined by the type of work you do and the type of protection you need. However, when you choose the right size and add comfort features like insoles and socks, your feet can stay comfortable all day even when you're working hard.