Whether you're looking for a fancy piece of jewelry for someone special or just a pretty bauble for yourself, you should know that overpriced jewelers are not the only option for getting the bling you want. One of your best options is actually to go to a local pawn shop where you can buy good-as-new jewelry at much lower prices than you'll find elsewhere. Unfortunately, pawn shops often get a bad name; some people look at them as "low class." But, really, what's low class about getting an awesome deal and enjoying beautiful jewelry at a fraction of the cost? That's right—nothing! If you're thinking about buying jewelry from a pawn shop, understand that this is actually a smart choice, especially if you keep a few things in mind.

Remember, Most Price Aren't Set in Stone

To start off with, one thing you will want to keep in mind as you peruse your local pawn shop is that the prices you see are not necessarily the prices that you have to pay.

When you go into a jewelry store and something has a price tag on it, nine times out of ten, you're going to have to pay that exact price.

At a pawn shop, though, this is often not the case. You can almost always haggle and work out a better price to get the item you want. In fact, negotiating is almost expected, so bust out your negotiating skills and get to work!

Choose a Quality Pawn Shop

Another thing that you should keep in mind when it comes to pawn shops is that one pawn shop is not necessarily the same as any other. Some, in fact, are very high quality—just as much as a traditional jewelry store—and may even know more about jewelry than standard jewelers while others are brokers of other merchandise that just happen to also sell jewelry.

Obviously, you want to try and choose a pawn shop that falls into the first category so that you actually end up with quality, fairly priced jewelry. Try and look for pawn shops with jewelry training or experience or that are part of major organizations, like the National Pawnbrokers Association.

As you can see, pawn shops can be a viable option for finding the jewelry that you want, but it's up to you to find the right one, to follow this advice, and to do your research to ensure that your experience with pawn-shop jewelry is a positive one. Talk to a company such as Wilmington Jewelry & Loan to learn more or get started.