Getting a divorce is not only emotionally tolling, but it can make a big impact on your bank account. According to multiple resources, the average cost of a divorce can range anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000. When the divorce is finalized, you may find yourself strapped for cash or looking to make a fresh start. One way to help do this is with a collateral loan. A collateral loan uses some type of asset to help secure your funds. If you do not pay back the loan, then the lender can keep the asset and various interest rates are also charged depending on the loan amount and location you use. Using various items, you can get collateral loans for the value of these items and have cash available. If you're looking for a true fresh start after your divorce, then there four different items that can help you let go of the past and get a loan for your efforts.

Wedding Rings

One of the first things that you may want to get rid of after a divorce is your wedding ring. This may also be one of the most valuable things to help give you the money you need to start fresh. Instead of going to a standard pawn shop for a collateral ring loan, consider taking the ring to a company that specializes in jewelry. By working with jewelry professionals, you can ensure that you receive full value for your ring. They will examine the quality, materials, and condition of the ring.

Along with your wedding ring, you could also add other jewelry you received from your former spouse. Necklaces, earrings, and even pins could add valuable cash to your final loan amount.

Wedding Gifts

After getting married, you may have received a number of gifts and collectibles that you no longer want. Even if they are personalized, the material or design could be valuable. For example, you and your spouse may have received a crystal bowl for your home. The crystal material could help you get a collateral loan. Other types of wedding gifts to consider for a collateral loan include custom mugs or large mirrors. Before bringing any type of large or over-sized object to a jewelry store or pawn shop, it's a good idea to call first and get estimates on values.

Formal Dinner Sets

Another common wedding gift is a fine china set. These sets are elegant, valuable, and worth a lot when you're looking for a loan. The best way to get full value for your fine china is to have the whole set all together. The complete set can add a lot more value, especially if it is an antique set. If you want to keep the dishes as part of your fine china, then consider any silverware that you may have. Fine silverware is often made with solid silver. This can get you large loan amounts depending on current silver prices. The business that you bring silverware to will likely give you a loan amount based on silver alone rather than the pieces themselves. When the silver is melted down, it will likely be more valuable—unless it is an antique or collectible set that people are seeking.


If you're moving out of your home after a divorce, then there are a lot of items that you can get collateral loans for. One of the main things to consider is electronics. If there are electronics that you no longer need, then you can get good value for them through a loan. As you go through your electronics, it's important to consider the newest electronics that you have. Anything that is outdated or obsolete will likely not get as much money. For example, a Blu-Ray player will have a lot more value than a DVD player. Shops often list items that they are seeking and have the top values paid.

Other electronics to consider include laptop computers, tablets, or video game consoles. Pairing a video game console with a collection of games or accessories will help you get more value for your loan.

When getting a loan, it's also a good idea to check into the buy-back terms so you can get items again once you're settled in your new life. For more information, contact a company like Sol's Jewelry & Loan.