Moving is one of the most stressful experiences of adult life. There's enough to worry about regarding the financial and emotional aspects of making a move, so don't let the hard labor of loading and unloading furniture and boxes stress you out even further. Find out which dollies to rent from a local supplier to handle the heavy lifting for you.

Flat Furniture Dollies

When you're trying to move an oversized plasma television or a four-seater couch, lifting the furniture as little as possible is the only way to prevent back injuries and pulled muscles. Flat and square furniture dollies are ideal for the biggest pieces of furniture because you can balance each item over one, two, or even three basic dollies and roll it out of the home. The low profile and lack of handles allows you to push and guide the furniture loaded on top instead of trying to maintain your balance while tilting all that weight towards yourself. These flat dollies also work best for large crates, especially if you're packing up delicate items with extra padding in a crate too large to comfortably fit on the usual hand truck.

Upright Hand Trucks

Almost every homeowner is familiar with the simple upright hand truck offered by truck rental and moving supply rental companies alike. A vertical back and small platform at the base allows you to stack boxes and keep them from sliding off by tilting the truck towards you as you roll it away. The ground-level platform also allows you to slide it under a grandfather clock or speaker tower. Leveraging heavy and tall items is a snap with an upright hand truck.

While basic hand trucks may look sturdy enough to handle large appliances like refrigerators and stoves, don't use them for it. Stick with hand trucks designed specifically for appliances or you could end up with a bent piece of rental equipment and a broken appliance.

Appliance Haulers

Appliance dollies look similar to hand trucks, but they're designed to handle a lot more weight. You'll also notice crucial differences like:

  • Larger and better reinforced platforms to give appliances more support
  • Built-in straps to keep your refrigerator or freezer from tipping off
  • Oversized and curved handles to help you get more leverage for lifting and to prevent you from losing your grip
  • Welded and solid metal construction instead of hollow pipes, bolts, or wood components.

Stair Climbing Models

Are you trying to move dozens of heavy pieces of furniture down a flight of stairs and then up another set of steps when getting to your new home or apartment? Ask your moving supply rental company if they can provide stair climbing dollies. These are vertical hand trucks with sets of triple wheels, which rotate to hold on to the individual steps and ease the weight down without a sharp drop.

Aside from manual models equipped with basic rotating wheel sets, you can also find electric models that provide even more lifting assistance when you're trying to get up a set of stairs. However, you may need to find a specialty rental company for this kind of advanced moving equipment.

Piano Skid Boards

Finally, don't forget about specialty dollies like the piano skid board. Unlike the flat dollies used for furniture, these boards often don't feature wheels because pianos can weigh up to 1200 pounds and easily overpower smaller casters. Instead, wood or nylon skids similar to the tracks on sleighs glide along the ground for a smooth moving experience. Flat dollies are often used underneath the board if necessary for moving it further distances. The top side of the board is heavily padded and covered with felt or fabric to prevent the delicate surface of the piano from being scratched or dented in the process.

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