Hunting turkey can provide a fun sport and also create a number of great meals. While the hunter stuffs his next catch for a big dinner, you can stuff their stocking with a number of accessories and supplies to help on the hunt. The following 10 stocking stuffers are perfect for the turkey hunter in your life. They feature a mix of hunting supplies, novelty gifts, and items to get through a long day of hunting.

Turkey Chokes

A turkey choke is a specially-designed tool to help cover more ground when shooting pellet bullets. New turkey chokes can provide more accuracy and work with a number of guns. The chokes are compact and easy to slip into all types of Christmas stockings.

Turkey Calls

Give the hunter in your life a new way to attract turkeys while hunting. Whether it's the same call to replace a worn one or a new variety, turkey calls are the perfect small gift for hunters. Purchasing a new turkey call could become an annual holiday tradition in your home.

Turkey Key Chain

A fun novelty gift, a turkey key chain is great to pair with a gun safe key, a truck key, or any other keys used for hunting equipment. A variety of key chain styles are available, including images of turkeys or phrases like "Eat, Sleep, Turkey Hunt." Key chains can also be purchased with emblems or printed logos of various hunting companies.

Box of Bullets

Supply a little extra ammo for hunting season with a small box of bullets. Bullet boxes are small enough to fit inside a lot of stockings and hunters are always in the need of extra supplies. Add a little extra to the gift, by wrapping the box of bullets before sticking it in the stocking. This can add an extra element of surprise.

Turkey Leg USB Drive

A small USB drive in the shape of a turkey leg can be used for a number of hunting purposes. The USB drive can store hunting maps, trail data, hunting statistics, hunting pictures, or surveillance camera footage taken from motion sensor game cameras. The unique shape of the flash drive is easy to keep track of and has a fun theme.

Thump Kit

Instead of just a turkey call, you can provide a hunter with a small thump kit. The kit is used to create the sounds of a turkey running or walking in the wild. It can be used to help attract other turkeys in the area and may become an invaluable tool for the hunter in your life.

Turkey Straps

When a hunter has a successful day, they are likely bringing more than one turkey home. The best way to keep them separated and organized is with turkey straps. These straps feature individual hangers where each turkey can connect to. The main pull of the strap allows a person to tow all the turkeys at once.

Hunting Gloves

Cleaning, plucking, and gutting a turkey is a messy job. Help make it a little easier by stuffing a stocking with some hunting gloves. Along with gloves to help bear cold weather, there are gloves made specifically for treating the turkey after it has been shot. Multi-packs of gloves are also available so the person can keep extra pairs packed with the hunting gear.

Turkey Jerky

Give hunters a fun treat with a small package of turkey jerky. This type of meat snack can be found in many grocery stores and comes in a variety of flavors. Options include original, spicy, peppered, or a sweeter flavor like teriyaki. Pair the treat with some turkey jerky recipes so the hunter can make some jerky of their own.

Turkey Hunting DVD

For days when hunting isn't an option, the turkey hunter can get inspired with a turkey hunting DVD. Full-length DVDs feature hunters in action. It also includes interviews, tips, and tutorials on various turkey hunting methods. The DVD is a nice way to top a stocking off.

Purchase one or more of these items to create the ultimate turkey stocking. It can help create a great Christmas tradition and really please the hunter in your life. Check out a shop like Chauncey's Pawn & Gun to find other gifts related to hunting.