During the first years of your baby's life, you have a lot of freedom when planning costumes for various events like Halloween parties or fun occasions. Even though you do not want your child to grow up quickly, some of the funniest costumes can help transform your child into the look of an adult. There are five methods to effectively transforming your baby boy and each method will work for a variety of infant costumes that make your child appear like an adult.

Layered Clothing

Many babies dress simply, whether it's a onesie or a pair of footie pajamas. One way to instantly create a older look for your infant is by purchasing a variety of layers. The layered look can add more maturity and help match similar adult outfits. As you're browsing through costumes, look for ways to add layers. This includes undershirts, vests, small jackets, and various types of shirts with collars.

Facial Wear

Make your baby appear grown up with some facial wear. One of the simplest ways to do this is by applying a fake mustache or beard on the child's face. Many babies will often try to pull the fake facial wear off, so as an alternative, you could apply face paint in the form of facial hair.

Adding small details like a five o-clock shadow or little moles can instantly make a baby look like an adult. Washable and toxic-free face paint can also be used to add aged looks like wrinkles and aging spots. Use online tutorials to make various designs and apply realistic looks.

Hairstyles & Wigs

Enhance the look of facial wear and paint with a small headpiece. A lot of infants have little to no hair, one of the key components to an infant look. By purchasing infant wigs, you can find a number of styles that look like a grown male adult. Look for wigs that feature a business style design. This can add a look of age and maturity to your child.

If your child has a lot of hair, then there are options you use can with the natural hairstyle. This includes parting the hair, using a little bit of gel, or slicking the hair back for a sleek look.


As guys get older, they seem to add more accessories to the wardrobe. For your child, you can replace the pacifier with a number of different accessories. One of these accessories is a watch. Small rubber watches can go around the wrist of your infant. If you cannot find one that's small enough, then you can print out a small fake watch design and tape it around the sleeve of the costume.

Additional accessories include small bow ties and neckties. Clip-on ties can add a fun look and are available in a number of different designs. If you're dressing your infant for Halloween, then you can choose tie designs that include pumpkins, bats, or witches.

Visual Effect Props

The final step in transforming the look of your infant is with small visual effect props. These props as sized to be proportionate with a baby, but feature items that adults commonly use. For example, a miniature suitcase can be placed with a baby to give the look of a business man. A small cellphone can also be used as a fun accessory.

While shopping, look for these smaller versions of various props. Glasses, hats, and any type of fake electronic device can work well with the infant costume design. Small shoes or slippers in the shape of adult-looking shoes can help with the costume, too. This includes dress shoes or sneakers that look like adult shoes.

Your infant may be fussy with various pieces of a costume, so it's a good idea to try out different elements and have extra pieces available. This will give you plenty of options while keeping your baby as comfortable as possible.