If you have been considering trying to get into the pagan religion and changing things up, you may be excited and curious about all this ancient religious practice has to offer. Paganism has a rich history all throughout the globe, and you can go in many different directions with your religious and spiritual practices as a result. However, to fully embrace the pagan experience, you will need to get some supplies. Get to know some of the pagan supplies you should have when you are starting down this spiritual path. Then, you can be sure you get shopping for your needed pagan supplies as soon as possible. 

An Altar

One of the first things you should absolutely get when you are planning to become a practicing pagan is an altar. The altar is the spiritual hub of your home. It is where you will perform your rituals and prayers and where you will pay respects to your deities. 

As such, you virtually cannot become a practicing pagan without an altar. You can purchase a special table or desk to serve as your altar. Some people also have small movable altars that can be placed in different places throughout the home. This is especially good if you have small children or pets that might mess with your altar if you leave it out at all times. 

Deity Statues

To worship and pay respects to your deity or deities, you will need to have at least one deity statue for your altar. This is an important pagan supply that you should choose as carefully as you chose the deities you plan to worship. 

The statue should be aesthetically pleasing to you and large enough to pay true homage to your deity while not so large that it takes over your entire altar. Shop around for your deity statue before you settle on one or two that meet your needs. Pagan supply stores in person and online often have plethora of deity statues and representations to choose from. So you can be sure you will find the right option for you. 


Candles are another essential supply for pagans. Burning candles in certain colors or with certain scents and herbs can be very important in rituals and deity worship. You should have candles in a variety of colors including green, black, white, and red, as well as other colors as needed. 

Use your pagan books and ritual guides to help you choose which candle to use for which ritual. For example, if you are asking your deity to help you with money and prosperity, a green candle would be the appropriate choice for your ritual work. 

Now that you know some of the pagan supplies you should absolutely have for your journey into paganism, you can get the shopping process started as soon as possible.